ConCat/Split Revision History

V7.0.3.0 - 10 Jan 2023

Updated to get the new email contact information and latest internal code changes

V7.0.2.0 - 2 Jan 2023

V7.0.1.0 - 14 Nov 2022

V7 - 16 Aug 2022

This release is largely an overhaul of the code to bring it more up-to-date using modern C++ language and library features that have consequently simplified the code. Overall, there are only minimal changes for registered users. However, we have removed all unregistered limitations so it is now free to everyone and the source code is available on GitHub if you want to have a look at it.


V6 - 2 Jan 2012

V5.0.0.3 - 1 May 2010

Minor update to fix slow starting of Windows Explorer when Explorer is invoked in some situations (such as when using WinKey+E).

V5.0.0.2 2 Aug 2009

Added x64 version.

Changed documentation to HTML.

Allow '&' character in the registration name field.

V5.0.0.1 19 Nov 2006

Windows Vista compatible.
Registration is now per-user rather than per-machine so as to work under Vista without requiring elevation.
You will need to reenter your registration details if you upgrade from an earlier version.

V5.0.0.0 30 Sept 2005

Handle splitting to files > 4GB. Note that only NTFS formatted disks (NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and later operating systems) supports files greater than 4GB.
New fixed size options for extended CD & DVD sizes.
Internal coding improvements to reduce memory usage with large selections.
Fix for minor cosmetic problem when the Split dialog is initially shown without the "to" file name(s).
Registry setting option to not display the context menu bitmap.
Use new registration number scheme.
Delete split files if the split operation is cancelled.

V4.1.0.1 20 Feb 2004

Minor change to display the regionalised About dialog from the Split dialog rather than the embedded English version.

V4.1.0.0 11 Jan 2004

Changes to allow language translation by having all resources in a separate DLL (concat.lang).
Fix for a specific situation where a system error was misreported.
Added more precise error message if the destination file couldn't be opened during the Split operation.

V4.0.0.0 21 June 2003

Split dialog has more preset media sizes (for memory cards and CDs) and a "removable" media option that scans all removable drives and presents the available space on each. Custom sizes are still catered for by entering the
figure in the combo box edit field. Very old (small) floppy preset sizes have been removed.

Split & ConCat operations are multi-threaded - the UI stays responsive and redraws while performing the file operations, and the operations can be cancelled.

Supports Unicode. Windows 9x & ME operating systems aren't fully Unicode, so support under those operating systems is limited.

Setup now uses the MS Windows installer.

Dialog Cancel buttons are now labeled Close except when the Split or Concatenate operations are working.

Fixed a potential problem where the ConCat "To" destination file is in use when the ConCat operation starts. It would have resulted in being unable to rename the temporary destination file to the original name.

Revised several error messages and improved error reporting by displaying the underlying Windows system error message.

V3.3.3.0 4 April 2002

Added auto-complete to the Concatenate "To" edit control.
Code changes ready for Unicode version.
Corrected potential problem in initialisation of split dialog.

V3.3.2.0 4 Oct 2001

Fixed a bug that caused a crash if low disk space occurred when concatenating files.
Modified the ConCat list display to ensure that the right hand side is normally visible since the numerical file extension is the most relevant part of the name to see. Similar for the display of the current file name that's being concatenated.
In a registered version, the ConCat list is now automatically sorted.
Enhanced the code used in a registered version to remove the digits to form the original file name.

V3.3.1.0 16 Sept 2001

Changes to the concatenate dialog to display the file part number, and to just show the filename (rather than the full path) in the progress section.
The concatenate file overwrite prompt now displays the file name.
Correction to support numerical output of file sizes in locales that use Indic grouping of numbers (e.g. 12,34,45,789).

V3.3.0.0 25 Nov 2000

Added progress displays to the dialogs to give feedback when manipulating large files.
Added support for files greater than 4GB. Note that only NTFS formatted disks (NT4, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and later operating systems) supports files greater than 4GB.

V3.2.1.1 15 Sept 2000

The file names in the copy batch file now have surrounding quotes to work with file names that have spaces in them.
Added the option to overwrite any existing files in the split operation.

V3.2.1.0 25 May 2000

Fixed a 2GB problem in the split dialog operation. Files > 2GB can now be split and rejoined correctly.

V3.2.0.0 26 March 2000

Registered version saves the last used split size.
Display the original file size value in regional number format.
Disabled the Change button for the batch file creation in an unregistered version.
Removed the "success" dialog boxes. Confirmation is now done with a beep instead. Failure will still display suitable error messages.

V3.1.4.1 18 Sept 1999

Modified the About dialog. Changed the registration number field to make it a little easier to enter the number. Updated the home page URL and added a mail link.

V3.1.4.0 11 July 1999

Modified file handling (yet again). The previous method had problems splitting files > 800 MB under Windows 9x, and even Windows NT could not cater for manipulating files where the total size approached 2GB. This version can now split and join very large files under both Windows 9x and NT.

V3.1.3.0 3 July 1999

Modified to handle very large files.

V3.1.2.1 30 January 1999

Minor change to allow international registration names.

V3.1.2.0 14 December 1998

Modified the file handling operations to allow manipulation of very large files (several hundred MB).

V3.1.1.2 December 1998

Rebuilt, and updated documentation for the new self extracting installer.

V3.1.1 June 1998

Added cosmetic bitmaps for the menu items to aid visibility.

V3.1 October 1997

New registration system.

Improved presentation of long items in the ConCat dialog list box - uses the familiar ellipses notation for long paths.