Space Patrol Revision History

V2.4.1.0    10 January 2023

Updated email contact information.

Internal code changes.

V2.4.0.0    17 October 2022

Now freely available.

Changed the setup - no longer start the programs as they ran as the System account, not the user account.

Lots of internal changes to tidy up the code.

V2.3.0.2    16 September 2018

Fix for the Configure... context menu operation.

V2.3.0.1    9 Feb 2018

Updated to change the start-up mechanism from using the start-up program folder, to a registry entry under the (32-bit) HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run key.

The reason for this change is that the Windows 10 Task Manager Start-up tab (and Windows Settings, Start-up) displayed the Space Patrol Monitor item as a curious number rather than using the program name, which made it look suspicious. Using the registry key to start up the monitor application shows the correct information.

If you've made any changes to the configuration and haven't applied them, you're now prompted if you try to close the dialog.

On a clean system with no saved settings, the default alarm at point now defaults to 15% of the drive size rather than zero.

V2.3.0.0    1 Nov 2014

Minor revisions to the UI and documentation after testing for compatibility with the Windows 10 Technical Preview notification center facility.

The configuration dialog is now much wider so you can read more of the text without scrolling.

The Help button now invokes the HTML documentation since WinHelp isn't readily available on newer versions of Windows.

V2.2.1.1 7 - Aug 2008

Fix for unregistered operation under Windows Vista. If you allowed the initial notification message box to time out, the monitor process would close.

V2.2.1.0 - 26 Nov 2006

Windows Vista compatible version.
Reworked to separate the monitoring and configuration functionality into
separate programs so that it works with Vista UAC.

V2.2.0.0 - 9 April 2006

Installation defaults to "everyone".
Cosmetic changes to balloon tooltip texts.
Adopted the new registration number scheme used by our other products.
Fix some potential issues highlighted by Visual Studio's static code analysis & Application Verifier tools.

V2.1.0.1 - 19 April 2004

Fixes a cosmetic issue where the "Disable operating system's built-in low-disk space checking facility" check box was not being set correctly under Windows 98.

V2.1.0.0 - 1 Jan 2004

Added new recommendation category for < 15% capacity figure to advise about defragmenter limitation. Extended existing recommendation messages.
Added the "Set to 15%" button facility to the  Modify dialog - again regarding the defrag facility.
Added "Run Explorer" command to the context menu to quickly open Explorer expanded at the appropriate disk drive.
Changed nomenclature to match names used by Explorer.
Dynamically update the text of the mouse-over (non-balloon) tooltip to reflect the current free space.
Changed the refresh timers to be less intrusive. Refresh less often (now starts at 5 mins - was 2 mins, increasing to 2 hours - was 1 hour), display the balloon tip for a slightly shorter period (10 secs).
Allow the subsequent non-display of the balloon tooltip in the current session.

V2.0.0.2 - 1 Nov 2002

Resolves a problem with unregistered usage that could result in Explorer hanging if the startup notification message was allowed to timeout. The message now displays as a topmost window.

V2.0 0 - 2 Oct 2002

Although this is V2, it's the first release of this major change from the original Win98 specific SpaceCon program.