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TouchPro allows you to change any combination of file time attributes from a context menu item of Windows File Explorer. It also incorporates a command line version that gives you the ability to script more specific usages.


TouchPro fully integrates into Windows File Explorer giving you the ability to affect the timestamps of:

  • Individual files
  • The results of any file searches possible with Explorer. For example: particular file types, or for files within a date range.
  • Entire folder hierarchies

The registered version of TouchPro enables extra facilities:

  • Separate time & date modification.
  • Touch files and/or folders.
  • Touch read-only files and folders.
  • Save settings.
  • Time offset modification - useful if your computer or camera's date is set incorrectly and you need files timestamps changing to the correct time.
  • Load the time from the timestamp of a file or folder, or from embedded time properties in pictures, or documents.
  • Select 24 hour time, and long or short date format.
  • Command line version.


Supported Operating Systems - 32 (x86) & 64-bit (x64) versions

  • Windows 7 and later (and equivalent server releases)

If you're using Windows 8 or later see the Windows 8/10 items in our FAQ section.

32-bit (x86) 6.10 MB (6,398,230 bytes)

64-bit (x64) 6.51 MB (6,829,003 bytes)

TouchPro antivirus report at download3k.com

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28 March 2021

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