ConCat/Split FAQs

Installation produces a spyware warning. What should I do?

See this item in the general FAQ page.

Files Joined with ConCat are corrupt.

This usually shows itself as a corrupt ZIP or EXE file. It happens when you've joined the files in the wrong order. The order shown in the ConCat list box is the order that the files will be joined in. It's important to read the instructions carefully if you don't already know how to do this in Explorer.

A registered version of ConCat provides facilities to re-order the selected items in the list box making it much easier to use.

I want to join separate audio or video files into a single file, but after I do, the application I use says the file is corrupt.


After I join separate audio (or video, or document) files, all I hear/see is the first file.

You can't use ConCat to join structured files in this manner. Most audio, video, and document file formats are structured - you require an application that specifically understands the format of the files in order to do this.

Can a user without ConCat re-join a split file?

Yes, Split doesn't add any information to the files it creates when you split a file. You can join files by using the DOS copy command. For example, the following command will concatenate the 3 files file.1, file.2, and file.3 to filename.ext:

copy /b file.1+file.2+file.3 filename.ext

The retail version of Split provides the facility to automatically create a DOS batch file containing the correct copy command.

How can I control the order the files are joined?

The registered version of ConCat provides an easy to use facility to re-order your selected files. However, it is possible to do from your initial selection in Explorer if you're careful.

Individually select the files that you want to join using Ctrl+click. Now, right click on the first file that you selected and choose the Concatenate Files option from the context menu. You should find the list populated in the same order as your selection.


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