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Installing the .msi file on Windows Vista fails with "There is a problem with this Windows Installer Package..."

If you run the installer with logging enabled, it shows the following error:

"DEBUG: Error 2835: The control ErrorIcon was not found on dialog ErrorDialog"

This does not arise if the installation is run from a directly elevated state. The solution for now is to either:

  1. Run spacecon.msi from an elevated cmd prompt window, or, possibly the simpler option:

  2. Download the complete zip, extract both files and run setup.exe.

Uninstall warns that the Space Patrol Monitor Application is in use

You are safe to continue the operation. The monitor program is closed automatically shortly afterwards by the uninstall process.

Windows Defender warns: "Auto Start change occurred", whenever you log on to your computer

We don't have a good explanation for why this occurs, so the solution for now is to tell Windows Defender to ignore this specific case.

In the Windows Defender report list you'll find several files referenced, one of which will be SPMonitor.exe - this is the monitor application.

Space Patrol
  1. To eliminate the warning select the full path & file name of the first file listed - this is likely to be something like this:


  2. Copy this file & path name to the clipboard.
  3. Under Tools, Options, scroll down to the advanced options section and the "Do not scan these files or locations" list.
  4. Press the Add... button and paste the file & path into the "Folder" field, then press OK to add that to the list.

Repeat the above steps for:

%Program Files%\JD Design\Space Patrol\SPMonitor.exe

Space Control

Why can't I enter the disk space exactly as I want it?

The underlying facility in Windows 98 doesn't work that way. An early beta version did allow a precise entered figure, but it added unnecessary complexity and only confused the issue. So, rather than let you enter an exact disk space figure, and then find later that what you get isn't exactly what you entered, we felt that it was better to reflect the underlying discrete steps allowed by the Windows 98 implementation.

I'm still getting low disk warning messages after I've used Space Control.

If you've upgraded from Windows 95 and had the Plus! 95 package, you might have its low disk notification facility installed. This is totally different to the more efficient facility built into Windows 98. If you open the Task Scheduler you will find that you have an existing job there that runs the Plus! notification. If you disable this you shouldn't get any further messages.

If you're not running a registered copy of Space Control, Space Control can't restore the settings automatically - so you will still get the warnings when you've restarted your computer.


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