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  1. When I change resolution using VidRes, the taskbar isn't visible (or is left floating rather than attached to the edge of the screen).

    Windows 98 & Windows 2000 don't move the taskbar when the resolution is changed temporarily (which is what Vidres does by default). The only solution is to make the resolution change permanent using the Change Permanent check box or the /U command line switch.


  2. If I switch the monitor and run a program, the monitor isn't switched back when the program ends.

    This is a limitation of the current version. You can usually work-around it by creating a batch file. For example:

    start /WAIT vidres /H800 /V600 /S /M1 /Q /X"Notepad.exe"
    vidres /M0 /S /Q

    The first line above uses the Windows "start" command to run VidRes and waits for it to end. VidRes sets the second monitor (/M1) as the sole desktop monitor (/S) and changes it to 800x600 resolution and in turn runs Notepad and waits for it to end. When Notepad is closed, VidRes closes and the batch file processing continues to the second line which uses VidRes to reset the sole desktop to the first monitor (/M0).


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